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How 100 became 21,098

By March 11, 2018March 14th, 2018HEADWAY Runners

We are all so wonderfully proud of Tracy, Cheryl and Mandy, who ran their first half marathon today, the Harpenden Half.

What an accomplishment! And so well deserved.

All three runners first joined us on our RESOLUTION Runners 8-week beginners course in January last year. During that first session, which included plenty of fun and games, we started running together for just 60 seconds at a time, covering roughly 100 metres. Eight weeks later they ran their first of many 5k parkruns. Definitely enjoying their running and a little more than a year later, they’ve run together every week and entered a bunch of other nearby events: the 5 mile Oval Run, the Herts 10k and the Fred Hughes 10.

Many of our runners are happy to run 5k and 10k, but Mandy, Cheryl and Tracy have shown us all just how far it’s possible to go. Brilliant!

They’ve taken that first 100 metres achievement and patiently & consistently built and built and built upon it.

they've turned that one hundred metres into twenty-one thousand and ninety-eight metres!

And that's a very long way!

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